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The  SȯLiS Experience:

SȯLiS is the Solution for Holistic Hub EV Sharing & Charging Infrastructure:

All of our kitted structural solutions are fully modular and are built off-site and can be fully installed in a matter of days on a prepared site.  Designed to be expanded typically at an increment of two, four, or eight positions.  Structures are designed to be durable and low maintenance by the integration of innovative and Sustainable materials: 

Stainless Steel Hardware & Renewable/Sustainable technologies by ReNüTeq.

SoLiS Mobility Management:

-Property Development

-Design-Build Development

-Structural Engineering

-On-Site Build Management

-Fully Kitted Supply of Structure

-Design of Integrated: Lighting/Surveillance

-Supply of full Solar and Charger System

-Management of EV Network/Partners

-Management of Site - All SoLiS Brand Aspects

Solar Canopy Solution

-Solar Generation

-Provision of protection from the Elements


-Architecturally Pleasing

-Sustainable Materials

-Renewable Technologies

Optional Amenities at SoLiS Sites:

-EV Charging

-EV (Cars/Bikes) Sharing

-EV Hailing Services



-Shared Space – Work Space - Lounge

-Health Food

-Banking/ATM Services

-WiFi/Cloud Access

Solutions Market Focus:

-University-Office Campuses 

-Medical Districts

-Market Places


-Hotels - Resorts

-Light Commercial

-Multi-Family - Condos - Residential


"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology"


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