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The Holistic Fueling Stations of the Future

SȯLiS is: The development solution that brings the Hȯlistic approach of well designed architecture together with innovative technologies.  SȯLiS Mȯbility exemplifies the sustainable business model to major cities across the USA and Internationally:  

SȯLiS Goal: To create a holistic EV sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology. Breaking down the barriers to EV adoption and integrating renewable energy + battery storage at the community scale.

SȯLiS: Designs, Kits, Delivers, and Manages the Site/Operations.

SȯLiS Execution Partners:

  • EV Share Companies

  • EV Ride Hailing Services

  • Coffee & Health Food Providers

  • Shared Space & Shared Work Space Providers

  • Medical and Prompt Care Providers

  • EV Automakers 

  • Charge App and Charger Infrastructure Providers 

  • Real Estate and Development Companies Internationally

SȯLiS is the Hȯlistic Development Solution for EV charging infrastructure:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Thoughtful Architectural  Design - Kitted for efficient build out offsite. 

  • Revenue Generating Facilities - Sustainable - For Profit Business - Agnostic (Anyone Can Charge)

  • Sustainable Technologies - Micro-Grid - (Solar - Battery Storage - Grid tied Solution) 


Our reach is indeed international as we have operations that can serve each major market and our team is equally diverse. 

To inquire or submit a site/project for our team to review, please fill out the following connect form at the footer of this page or email us: info@SȯLiSmȯbility.com

"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology"

Quote by Luke D. Schuette, SoLiS's President and Founder. 

USA Operations:

1201 South Big Bend

St. Louis MO 63117


Europe Operations:

Am Hundsrück 2

63924 Kleinheubach Germany


Asia Operations:

1008, Block A, 18 Taolin Road, 

Shanghai, New Pudong District


Research shows that there are seven elements of enriched learning environments – intrinsic components - that simulate our brains’ biological and chemical operating systems.

They are known to improve health, as measured though neurological, physiological, psychological and sociological feedback. These elements include:

1. Nature: Places inspired by natural shapes, light & materials
2. Variety: Spaces that offers a range of experiences & a sense of discovery
3. Vitality: Settings that are energetic, restorative, and sustainable
4. Authenticity: Structures that are valued for their realness and transparency
5. Optimism: Environments that radiate a positive energy and future
6. Sense of Occurrence: Spaces where you feel engaged and stimulated, and
7. Legacy: Surroundings that communicate purpose and lasting change.

SȯLiS is committed to embodying this research in its locations worldwide:

 International Solution


"The goal of SȯLiS is to create the holistic sharing and charging experience through architecture, sustainability, and technology"


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